About the project

The research project examines 20th-century Greek historiography, focusing on the crucial issues of national identity and modernization. Through the study of the historiographical production, institutional settings, central discussions and debates, and research fields, and through the voice and the presence of significant historians who have contributed to historiography in recent decades, the research project maps the rich and complex mosaic of historical writing, research and thought in 20th-century Greece.

Scientific trends and developments, as well as intellectual, social and cultural practices around history and the uses of the past, are examined. In activities such as the workshops and the international conference and through the testimonies of historians, Greek historiography is studied in the international context and in relation to parallel developments and phenomena.
The research project aims to offer a “road map” of the large and small pathways Greek historiography has followed and of its many encounters with the critical social, political, cultural and intellectual phenomena that have shaped contemporary Greek society.

A detailed description of the project

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