Encounters with historians

This section includes interviews with historians and scholars who have contributed to the development of historical and modern Greek studies in Greece and abroad.

The section is divided into two parts.
Part one includes interviews and talks with senior historians and social scientists with many years' experience in the field.
Part two includes interviews and talks with historians and social scientists who have focused on particular issues, such as new research objects, particular research communities, collective research undertakings, research on Greek historiography, relevant publications, etc.
In the interviews, the emphasis was placed on three aspects: personal itineraries and works; the broader intellectual, academic and sociopolitical context; and epistemological, theoretical and methodological issues in the field of 20th-century Greek historiography.
The interviews are all videotaped, with the exception of a written and an audio one. The research group aims at broadening and enriching the interviewee database in order to construct an oral history archive focusing on 20th-century Greek historiography.

avdela agriantoni asdrahas
gavroglou gerolympou gianoulopoulos
dertilis zaxariadou kitroef
kitromilidis kremydas liakosa
loukos maltezou mpenveniste
nikolakopoulos panagiotopoulos papastratis
petropoulou politis tsoukalas
hasiotis beaton glocc
danova kate fleming hagenF
galland mackridge mazower